Friday, March 4, 2011

Antrim Celebrations website design

One of my most recent website designs was for my mom's new business endeavor, Antrim Celebrations. They have opened my grandmother's farm for weddings and events, and my mom will be a wedding coordinator for the place. This project was such a rewarding one, not only because I have many memories here myself, but because this has been a dream of my grandmother's to host events at her beautiful home. They have done events in the past but have never "officially" had a business. Finally a dream is becoming a reality. A special thanks to David Gibson for providing us some of these beautiful pictures that really captured the true beauty of this place!

Introducing Antrim! It's a gorgeous venue for outdoor events of all kinds. Check it out and learn more about this place and my grandmother...


  1. Hello Robin! I visited the website, and the layout is very cinematic. I just found out that the images in the PHOTO category are somewhat slow when loading. I suggest you reduce their bit rate size. Use image editing tools that won't affect their quality - Photoshop is quite handy. You can also use image batch processing to make it fast and easy.

    Sharonda Head

  2. Thanks for sharing this Robin! I checked the website and I instantly fell in love with it. I suddenly wish that I can get married again. =) Anyway, the pictures are all lovely, particularly those with grayscale effects; it adds a dramatic quality on the photos. It’s sweet of you and your family to share with others your grandmother’s most precious farm house. It’s definitely an event that will be treasured forever.

    Frida Stanton