Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Marshmallow Winter...

Hard to believe it is that time again - for the Columbia Main Street Christmas Parade! I had the honor of working on the design again this year. There is a different theme every year, and this year the design centered around "A Marshmallow Winter in a Marshmallow World." Believe it or not - Christmas is only 85 days away! And winter is just around the corner. I feel like I've skipped fall already. Wow.

It's...Game Time!

It's Game Time in Columbia, TN with the opening of the recent sports facility that offers recreational sports for youth and adults. Some of my high school friends started this business recently, and I think it will do really well in Columbia. I have enjoyed working on the logo and website for them. They wanted it to be professional but kid friendly. Check it out!

A Pharmacy & Baby Boutique All In One

I am slightly behind on my blogging, as this design is from several months ago. I have been pretty busy with some website designs recently, and Fisher Pharmacy was one of the most recent. This one was a bit of a challenge trying to combine a pharmacy and baby boutique. We had to use their existing logo which was more stark colors, but we needed to showcase their growing baby boutique. I did not feel as though their logo reflected a baby boutique as well, so I created a logo that was a little softer for this part of their business but that coordinated with their existing logo.

Think Pink

I recently had the privelege to work with the MRMC Foundation in Columbia on a t-shirt design for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They wanted a shirt that was attractive, artsy and unique to sell and gather proceeds towards Breast Cancer Awareness. Hopefully we achieved that with the design above.

Also, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I did the shirt above for the annual Country Ham Festival in Spring Hill. The front had the pig peering over the circle with text, and the back was the pig's backside with all the text.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to design these and remember all those who were or are battling breast cancer, as well as those who lost their battle. 

In support of these brave women...

Monday, June 4, 2012

An Evening With the Songwriters

Summer Songwriters Night 2012 is less than a week away! Above is the invitation for the event. The guitar was a die cut that opened to the right with the text inside. We also had to slits in the strings to hold the tortoise shell pick. The event is Saturday, May 9th at 6:30 p.m. in Columbia 2759 Pulaski Highway. For tickets and more information, visit

Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Songwriters Night 2012

It's time, once again, for Summer Songwriter's Night 2012. This annual event is held in a field at my grandmother's house. This is the 7th Annual, and my 7th time to work on this event. It's always an honor and pleasure to work on this with Edward Moore from NHC Hillview in Columbia. Each year, we come up with a different theme. Last year, we did this design. It went over so well that we did the same die and changed up the design just a bit. Invitations are at the printer now, so I'll post the finished product later! We just finished up the website and changed it up a bit this year. A great event - looking forward to chilling in my lounge chair under the stars with a cooler of cold drinks while eating some good ole country cooking and hearing the songwriters renditions and stories of how the songs came about.


Check it out!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

All Star logo

I recently did this logo for a friend of mine starting a new Investment Consulting company called All Star Capital. They specialize in investment planning, particularly for professional athletes and business individuals. While a big focus is on sports, he did not want the logo to limit him to sports clientele only. He also wanted something professional but unique. We worked to create a logo that was "sporty" but that did not scream one particular sport. Above is the final outcome, and I think it works well for his needs. We will be working on a website soon so there will be more designs to come surrounding this business.