Sunday, November 28, 2010

Direct Mail Designs

I recently did these direct mail pieces for a family practice office. Their goal in the first piece was to draw attention to their newest and only female physician on staff. This one was mailed in October during Breast Cancer awareness when "pink" was top of mind. We had in printed with a gloss on the hot pink parts including the shoes. I think the overall concept and printing worked well for the message they were looking to portray.
The second piece below was a direct mail design for one of their male physicians. In this case, we were looking to promote the new hours. They wanted something a little different that didn't just have a "medical" feel. I think it turned out to be an effective piece for them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simply Unique Logo Design

I recently did a logo for a photographer who is just starting his business. We met him at my sister's wedding where he took some gorgeous pictures. We all were so impressed that we had him take some pictures of my family's farm and the kids (click here).

For his logo, I created 4 variations to use in his marketing materials. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome, and I think he was to.

He is extremely talented with the camera, and I will post more on his website and contact information once he gets things going.