Thursday, February 11, 2016

MCPS New Logo

I recently finished up this logo for the Maury County Public Schools in Columbia. This has been a work in progress that I worked with the school board on since the fall of last year. It was an honor for me to be a part of this process since I am an alumni of the MCPS school system.

They wanted something that depicting the forward-thinking and progressive new direction of the school, particularly communicating the digital readiness aspect of their future. They liked the idea of a circle with some sort of symbolic element. In this one they chose, we were able to incorporate several symbolic pieces that are significant to Maury County and their schools.

The navy color was appropriate as it inspired confidence, peace and wisdom. The green color represents truth, safety and respect for the environment.

Like the state flag, the three stars separating the text represent the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee. 

The arrows pointing in a clockwise direction suggest the cycle of continuous development, which was something symbolic to educators according to the Director, Dr. Marczak. 

The letter “M” in the center of the insignia implies Maury County and serves as the trunk of the tree supporting the 22 leaves representing the school system’s 22 schools. 

The central trunk is also flanked by two symbols for wireless internet symbolizing the school systems readiness to move into the digital age.